Best Floor Mats for Ram 1500 (Review & Buying Guide in 2020-2021)

Vehicles are important means of the daily commute and they have made traveling easier for every human being around the world. Cars play an important role, and we love to keep the four-wheeler clean & tidy all the time. Every Ram Trucks should have floor mats to take the dirt off the vehicle and maintain tidiness & natural beauty.

Your foot or footwear may carry dirt, debris, sand, and even harmful chemical that damages the paint & leave permanent damage to the footing. In such cases, only a floor mat comes handy and maintains the neatness that we are expecting.

However, you cannot take off to the store and purchase a product that won’t suit your requirements. So you have to know a few things before buying a floor mat and purchase one according to the needs of the truck.

Ram 1500 trucks may not look luxurious but they are known to provide the best protection for the interior. First, read the important for one good purchase that will protect the footing for a long time.

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Type 1: Every Season Mat

Ram 1500 trucks considered muscle power because of the build quality, and stunning muscular design. If you consider all-terrain tires, then you know that they will work in all weather conditions.

All-weather floor mats don’t have a luxurious design, but they are known to provide the best protection for the vehicle and keep the interior clean & spotless. All-weather floor mats are waterproof and have a durable design to take on challenging situations.

Type 2: Carpet

On the other hand, you got a carpet variant used by millions of owners. If you are someone, who doesn’t off-road, and travels within the city, then this is for you. Carpets offer protection, but they are missing two important factors like durability & lifespan. The elegant looking mat offers good feel overprotection, and you will save a few bucks as well. However, if you travel off-road, and looking for the best protection, then type 1 has always proven to be a better choice.

Type of Material

Buyers should take the material into account because it gives you an idea of the durability of the mat and also lifespan if that matters to you. You can choose a mat that has tough rubber material, and that’s your choice. There are many tough rubber materials out there like Nitrile Rubber (NBR), Butadiene, Acrylonitrile, Thermopolyolefin, etc. You can choose any material and Google the material name to understand its durability & lifespan.

Currently, Nitrile Rubber is the strongest rubber material available in the market. Vehicle carpets are good enough for day-to-day tasks and they feel much more elegant. But, floor mats last minimum 3-years and that’s how good they are for your truck.

Ease of Cleaning

The good part about the rubber technology is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They are an artificial product that doesn’t need much care and is known to last long with occasional care. Of course, your footwear will catch debris, dust, mud, spills, and it will mess up the mat. The rubber-based mat won’t allow the dirt to stick on it, and you can clean it with regular water.

You may have to rinse a little to loosen up the dried-up mess, but it will come off with gentle scrubbing. You don’t have to worry about leaving permanent marks on the carpet because you can use pressurized water technology for spot-free cleaning. Overall, ram 1500 truck owners don’t have to struggle with the maintenance process.

No Adjustment & Misfit

Ram 1500 floorboard has changed over the years as manufacturers started to make changes to the design. You should check on the official website for in-depth information on the measurements. Avoid buying a wrong floor mat as old models have plenty of alternatives available in the market, but you have to search a little deeper for the new truck models. The information you need about the truck floorboard is available on the official site, so take your time, and save the measurements.

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If you have purchased a new truck and want to add an accessory with a warranty, then floor mats are a good choice. Ram 1500 mats come with warranty and even lifetime warranty that explains the lifespan & durability of the material.

It’s not uncommon for brands to offer a lifetime guarantee on the product as they last longer and the company has confidence in the product. You can go with a lifetime guarantee and they are probably the best choice you made for the truck.

Which is better: Floor Mats vs. Floor Liners?

Many new trucks don’t know the difference and end up buying one for the vehicle. It is always good to know about the differences, so you can make one good long-term investment. In our opinion, mats & liners play a significant role in maintaining interior neatness.

Floor Mats

Most of the Ram 1500 trucks come with a pre-installed floor mat or OEM mat and they are made up of cloth, and rubber combination or it could be only one. They do have a comfortable feel and look elegant at first glance, but things can go wrong when it starts displaying the drawbacks during the rainy season. Unfortunately, the cloth-based carpets are not waterproof, and durable. However, they do come at a cheaper price, and suitable for owners on a budget.

Floor Liners

Floor liners emerged as an upgrade for many truck owners, who were traveling off-road, and needed a carpet that can handle water and mess. The floor liners are more durable, and they last longer compared to the cloth variants. You get maximum protection against the dirt, debris, dust, and more. If you are willing to sacrifice looks for long-lasting performance, then you can go with the floor liner as they can take on harsh conditions and leave victorious. You are justifying the ram 1500 truck with a good floor mat that will protect the interior against everything.

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Top 8 Product Reviews Of The Floor Mats for Ram 1500 [Must Buy From  These 8 Products)

Now, it’s time to check out the best floor liners for the ram 1500 trucks.

1.Husky Liners 99001

Husky Liners 99001 will stand on the number one position for many years to come. The manufacturer outdid itself and brought a solution that is suitable for the 2020 model and it supports vehicles from back to 2008 models. The brand added multiple variants for the front side, backside, and you also have a center hump floor mat.

In short, you can cover the entire truck and add this protection without issues. The sporty liner has been designed to withstand harsh environments and abuses throughout life. You can place it in a car, and expect it to perform exceptionally under different seasonal conditions.

Husky Liners 99001 Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500

The StayPut Cleats brings laser cutting technology into the game and it will fit perfectly in ram 1500 truck. Select the supported vehicle and it will provide the ultimate fitting in the vehicle. The manufacturer is offering the rugged floor mats in three colors like Black, Tan, and Grey. The brand is also offering a 20% discount when you purchase the set.

Many drivers & passengers move a lot in the vehicle, and it could misplace the rugged mat, but it won’t happen with the 9901 model as it has a lockdown function. Husky Liners brand also offering a lifetime warranty on the rugged floor mat.

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2.Rugged Ridge 82903.01

The material is OE-quality thermoplastic that will maintain a nonslip surface and it is suitable for all weather. The strong rubber liner will ensure that you have a good grip while hopping in and getting out of the vehicle. The manufacturer added raised nibs to ensure that you have a secure grip during movement in the ram 1500.

You can purchase a set for front row, rear row, and second row. The durable floor liner is available in three standard colors like Black, Tan, and Grey. The 82903.01 comes with a molded chevron-shaped tread pattern to capture mud, dirt, dust, and even snow. The floor mat is designed to seal itself automatically with the attachment, so that’s a good add-on to eliminate manual work.

Rugged Ridge 82903.01, All Terrain Floor Liner,

Rugged Ridge bundled many Jeep parts & accessories along with the floor liner in the package or smooth ride. You get interior accessories like kits, lift, bumper, and more. The American brand specifically bundled parts for the selected model, so you are getting a customized package made for your model. The perimeter wall ensures that you get the best view and easy to clean the mat. You are secured as Rugged Ridge back’s the product with 5-years of warranty.

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3.FlexTough Baseline MT773

Motor Trend brought FlexTough Baseline MT773 for SUV, Truck, and Jeep owners. The floor mat is made up of Polymerized Latex, which is a powerful rubber that can withstand abuses without a problem. One of the things that many existing users loved is that it is 100% Odorless. The product is BPA-Free, which makes it suitable for vehicles, and it is an All-Weather floor mat.

Husky Liners 99571 Black Weatherbeater Front

Motor Trend used “Perfect Fit” technology to ensure that it will fit in the vehicle very smoothly. You don’t have to adjust it nor struggle while positioning it in the truck. The MT773 is available in three standard colors like Black, Beige, and Grey. The floor mat is available for many old vehicles including 2000 Acura Integra.

The MT773 comes at an affordable price, and it is a 3 piece car floor mats for the front side and backside of the ram 1500 truck or SUV. The Non-Skid Backing technology ensures that it will fit in the region without any struggle and also suitable for the four-wheeler existing fabric.

You may spill coffee, food, objects, and other items on the solid rubber, but it is easier to maintain. You can remove the floor mat and clean it with pressurized water to remove debris, tough stains, dust, and mud. The Polymerized Latex rubber material can take on normal wear & tear and keep in in-charge to protect the interior many years to come.

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4.oEdRo Floor Mats

oEdRo is a mouthful name, but they have an interesting floor mat for your 2012 – 2019 Dodge Ram 1500. The solution cost anywhere from $129 – $132 price point, where you get front row, second row, and back row mats. The mat is made up of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) material, which is known for sturdiness and living a long life. Speaking of lifespan, it can handle harm environment and if you love off-road traveling, then you can leave the mat to take care of tough stains, liquid, debris, and other dirt. The floor mat was designed for many old models including the 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab.

oEdRo Floor Mats Compatible

As of now, the solution is available in a single color only, and it is Black, which is a bummer for many truck owners. The All-Weather rugged mat ensures that it handles snow, rainy weather, and other harsh weather. Hop in the truck with snow particles in your footwear, and the mat will still provide a decent grip. Most of the rubber releases a bad smell, but it won’t affect the fresh air inside the vehicle because it is a 100% odorless material, and you can have fresheners for a sweet smell.

The oEdRo used non-toxic rubber in the process, which eliminates latex, lead, cadmium, and other harmful toxins in the floor mat. Regardless of the missing elements, it will provide 300% better temperature resistance compared to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material. Speaking of the rugged, the brand trimmed the solution for specific vehicle models, so you got nothing to worry about the fitting.

Extreme cold freezes rubber materials, but this specific mat won’t be affected by the extreme cold weather. The mats are easy to remove and clean with regular water for good results. Don’t worry about the tear & wear as you remove dirt, dust, tough stains, and other mess. You can scrub gently to remove stuck-on or dried up the mess, and it won’t shed. OedRo offers a limited lifetime warranty on the floor mats.

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5. Gator Accessories 79602

Gator Accessories 79602 is a rugged mat for the dodge ram 1500/2500/3500 Classic Crew Cab model, and you can use the floor mat in 2009 to the latest variant. The package includes the front side, second side, and backside, so you don’t need an additional solution as it is an all-in-one bundle. Gator Accessories used Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) material in the process, which is known for its durability and strong enough to protect the interior from harsh conditions.

The floor mat won’t be affected by the stuck-on liquid particles, and you can use it in off-road. That’s not all, you are protected from snow, rain, dust, debris, and other harsh conditions. Your foot grip won’t be compromised despite being filled by dust, and other particles. Cleaning the mat is an easy process as you don’t need an extra solution to remove tough stains and stuck-on mess. Users can put pressurized water to use and it won’t leave any smudges and scratches.

Gator Accessories 79602 Gator Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits 09-18 Ram 1500 Crew Cab

The floor mat is designed smartly using the latest technology, which eliminates misfitting, and locks the mat in the right place. Once it is locked, then you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. If you spill or drop things a lot in the vehicle, then it has Raised Edges to contain dust & liquid from entering underneath. The 79602 is available in one color, and it is black, and that’s the only CON of the floor mat.

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YITAMOTOR floor liner is an interesting product that you would love to check out because it has odorless Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) material, so it won’t release any bad smell during difficult weather. On top of that, it doesn’t have harmful toxins like lead, latex, cadmium, etc. In short, if the temperature is high in your region, then it won’t release harmful toxins in the vehicle. Another point to notice is that it will also survive in extremely cold weather.

The TPE material is sturdy and is also extreme wear-resistance. The unique design has increased edges, so it can trap the sand, dust, snow, liquid, footwear debris in the way, and protect what’s underneath. The  All-Weather floor mat protects the users slipping because it is designed to provide a decent grip during the harsh environment.

YITAMOTOR Floor Mats Compatible with Ram

The skid-resistant surface doesn’t make the cleaning task difficult and you can hold the mat & use regular water for good results. Do not scrub the mat harshly because it may leave permanent scratches, so rinse it gently for long-lasting good appearance. You can use Jet Nozzle Spray and remove the stuck-on mess and no need for chemical in this case.

The YTES0002 is compatible with 2012 – 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Classic Crew Cab, so that’s good news for you. The brand designed the product using 3D laser scanning technology, which ensures that it will fit properly in the vehicle. In short, you don’t have to adjust the mat every time, you step on it, and it will fit perfectly.

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7. Max Liner A0319 or B0048

Max Liner A0319 is a Vinyl material based mat that offers a smooth experience for vehicles with Vinyl surface. The A0319 is suitable for SUV, Truck, Jeep, and Van and it is designed for Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cabs models. The material is 100% odorless, thus, you have nothing to worry about bad smell during summer. The floor mats are specifically trimmed for 2012 – 2018 Quad Cabs, so you won’t have fitting issues.


The raised liners will prevent the liquid, dust, debris, and other mess to enter the vehicle surface, and damage the resale value. The manufacturer strengthened the lip to improve the liners and trap the mess in it. Owners can move easily in the vehicle because it improves the mobility and all thanks go to the rubber grip.

The liners & textured skid-resistant surface may seem difficult to clean, but if you use pressurized water or regular water, then it will loosen up the dried up dirt from the floors. If you feel like using an additional cleaning agent, then you can add soap water to the process, and get rid of the mess.

Max Liner A0319 is offering an all-in-one solution, where you can cover the first row, second row, third row, and storage boot row. You have maxed outliners for the entire vehicle, and never have to look back.

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8. Husky Liners Fits 1994-01

Husky Liners are known to have the best fit for the Dodge Ram 1500 models, and 1994-01 is suitable for 2-gen models. The brand utilized premium rubberized material that is customized to work flawlessly on 2-gen Ram 1500 floor. The American company designed the floor mats to take on a tough environment and still last longer during many seasons to come.

If you are a heavy user, then it will place the liners evenly, even when you are moving aggressively. The liner edges may look smaller in size, but it is capable enough to trap the liquid from entering underneath. Finding a mat that will fit a second-generation Dodge Ram 1500 is slightly difficult, and that’s where 1994-01 shines through.

Husky Liners Fits 1994-01 Dodge RAM 1500

The American company implemented StayPut Cleats technology that automatically places the floor mat in place, and it won’t come off easily. Even, if you apply pressure while hopping in the vehicle or getting out of the Ram 1500. The premium flooring protection won’t have issues when you enter the truck with dirty shoes on or water in it. The floor mat will handle debris, dust, mud, water, and more. Cleaning is not a problem as it is made up of unique Husky Liners material better experience.

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Bottom Line

The rubber material is known to have toxins in the floor mats, so you have to double-check on the product label for potentially harmful toxins included in it. Many states in the USA implore the companies to add disclaimers to prevent user dissatisfaction. You can always choose cloth-based mats for toxins-free experience, but they don’t last long. Let us know which floor mat you have selected for Dodge Ram 1500 in the comment section below.

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