Best Gymnastics Mats

Gymnasts are protected while they tumble, flip, & fall because of the excellent shock absorption built into the best gymnastics mats. These mats are thick & able to provide this level of protection because they can absorb a lot of damage. However, a gymnastics mat’s actual design and structure have a role in its effectiveness.

 Best Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics equipment is expensive, but the best gymnastics mats complement the home gym setup. You must ensure that your mat is affordable and appropriate for your kid’s size and skill level. Let’s go through the best gymnastics mats you can purchase online & emphasize the aspects you are looking for.

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1. ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

For kids doing gymnastics, wrestling, or core exercises, the ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Exercise Mat, promotes safer and more pleasant workouts. Thanks to the design’s easy portability, you may work out at home, at the gym, or with clients. It is one of the best gymnastics mats.

It fits in automobiles, storage spaces, and exercise facilities. The size is substantial for joint protection and comfortably suits most users. Low-maintenance and robust for long-lasting performance, the design is simple to clean.

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat 6’x2’ with Carrying Handles for Tumbling, MMA, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Stretching, Core Workouts


Color: Grey

Brand: ProsourceFit

Material: PVC and EPE foam

Product Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth. Use a mild detergent if necessary. Air dry.

Product Dimensions: 72″L x 24″W x 1.5″Th

Item Weight: 4.2 Pounds

Price range: $ 35 to $ 40


  • Tri-fold design is portable for exercise anywhere and is space-saving for storage.
  • It provides a stable platform for exercises, stretching, martial arts, or outdoor exercise routines.
  • The resilient foam inside maintains its form for prolonged usage and safeguards the back, wrists, elbows, and knees.
  • Vinyl surface that expands to 72″L x 24″W x 1 1/2″ that is simple to clean
  • It is not easily torn or stretched.
  • It is available in blue, grey, black, pink, and purple.
  • The thick workout mat is functional.


  • Compared to a standard gymnastics mat, it is narrower.
  • Although it is well cushioned, it may need to be more significant to fit under an indoor slide.
  • For me to be unable to move, it would require carpet lining.


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2. HIJOFUN Premium Gymnastics Mat

The HIJOFUN inflatable gymnastics training mats are composed of commercial-grade 1500D filament and premium eco-friendly PVC tarpaulin. Filaments improve airtightness and durability by adding strength to all seams. It is available in several sizes for various types of training, including huge sizes for group exercises or professional gymnastics.

Companies even provide smaller sizes for use as home entertainment or everyday training. You and your family may confidently use HIJOFUN goods since they have passed health and environmental tests.

HIJOFUN Premium Inflatable Air Tumbling Track for Gymnastics Tumble Mat 10ft 13ft 16ft 20ft 4 in 8 inces Thick with Electric Air Pump for Home Kids/Gym/Yoga/Training/Cheerleading/Outdoor/Pool/Beach


Color: Green+ Black New


Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Product Care Instructions: Air, Air Pump

Product Dimensions: 79.2″L x 48″W x 39.6″Th

Item Weight: 7 Kilograms

Price range:- $100 to $110


  • More substantial and more lasting substance.
  • Surface-safe design.
  • Outstanding robustness and lifespan.
  • 100% waterproof with no air leaks.


  • Average quality.
  • Mat had to re-inflate a couple of times.
  • Average durability.

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3. AKSPORT Gymnastics Air Mat

The AKSPORT air mats, the best gymnastics mats, are beneficial for any workout, inflated and robust. This mat may be used for cheerleading, yoga, taekwondo, gymnastics, on the water, and outdoor sports. It is convenient, transportable, and simple to store since you can tuck it inside your bag.

The quick action mechanism of the air valve speeds up inflation or deflation by around five times compared to standard valves. For all users, the BRAVO valve guarantees effectiveness and safety. Professional construction prevents leaks. The side Velcro fasteners make connecting two or three mats simple to create a lengthy training area.

AKSPORT Gymnastics Air Mat Tumble Track Tumbling Mat Inflatable Floor Mats With Electric Air Pump


Color: Mint Green


Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Product Care Instructions: Water

Item Weight: 19 Pounds

Price range: $ 140 to $ 350


  • The electric air pump is included with the hook and loop system.
  • A top-notch, effective inflation/deflation valve.
  • Tiny and transportable.
  • Easily maintained.
  • Adjustable stiffness and elasticity.


  • Narrow in size.
  • Inaccurate description.

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4. CHAMPION PLUS Inflatable Air Tumbling Mat

It is constructed of double-wall filament-grade material ( drop stitch fabric ). Because every seam has been reinforced, it is both sturdy and gas-tight. The Air Mats are perfect for all floor workouts and tumbling passes and are available in various sizes and forms.

Bring the gym home with you with the best gymnastics mats! Air tumbling mats are excellent sports equipment for cheerleading, gymnastics, home entertainment, yoga, water fun, and other activities. Additionally, strong Velcro makes it simple to connect each air mat to create the training space you choose.

CHAMPIONPLUS Inflatable Air Tumbling Mat Gymnastics Tumble Track 4/8 inches Thickness Air Mats for Home Use/Training/Cheerleading/Water Yoga 10ft 13ft 16ft 20ft with Electric Air Pump


Color: Blue


Material: Korean PVC, German-made adhesives

Product Care Instructions: Water

Product Dimensions: 120″L x 48″W x 39.6″Th

Item Weight: 22 Pounds

Price range: $ 150 – $ 200


  • Easily adjustable.
  • Easy to carry, a portable one.
  • When fully deflated, it can fit in any storage box.
  • It is an entirely silent mat.
  • Durable product.


  • Average one.
  • Low after-sales service.

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5. WelandFun Air Mat Tumble Track mat

The WelandFun Air mat performs well with exceptional air tightness and minimal air leakage. The mat has high-quality Tarpaulin-PVC 7-Layer construction and V-drop stitch technology. Make sure you are secure and at ease when practicing your gymnastics abilities.

People select the renowned brand BRAVO valve for the mat, constructed of double-layer PVC waterproof material. The mat is guaranteed to have the greatest waterproof and zero air leakage performance. You may use them anyplace there is water, including the beach and swimming pools.

WelandFun Air Mat Tumble Track 10ft/13ft/16ft/20ft Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Mat 4/6/8 inchs Thickness Mats for Home Use/Gym/Yoga/Training/Cheerleading/Outdoor/Beach/Park wih Electric Air Pump


Color: Pink

Brand: WelandFun

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

Package Weight: ‎12.84 Kilograms

Price range: $120 to $ 130


  • Quick Inflation & Simple to Use
  • High-quality materials and enough airtightness provide comfort, experience, and safety.
  • Storage that is convenient and clean
  • Mat with Many Uses and Functions


  • Average durability
  • Good to go

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6. FBSPORT Inflatable Air Gymnastics Mat

The 503D filament-grade PVC tarpaulin was used to create this FBSPORT gymnastics mat. This makes it ideal for cheering, training, yoga, tumbling, and fitness. It provides a top-notch surface for exercises, sports, and other activities. This product is very effective and long-lasting because of the enhanced air tightness and all-seam reinforcements.

The tumbling mat also has an electric air pump that inflates it entirely in less than four minutes. The workout mat may be extended once and will maintain its pressure for many days. This raised mat enhances repetition frequency while lowering the risk of damage. The structure is simple to fold, put together, and store.

FBSPORT 13ft/16ft/20ft/23ft/26ft Inflatable Air Gymnastics Mat Training Mats 4/8 inches Thickness Gymnastics Tracks for Home Use/Training/Cheerleading/Yoga/Water with Pump


Color: Black


Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Product Care Instructions: Water

Product Dimensions: 117″L x 39″W x 3.9″Th

Item Weight: 1.4 Kilograms

Price range: $ 150 to $ 500


  • Various uses.
  • Increased usefulness and safety.
  • Operation and portability are simple.
  • The risk of injury is decreased as the repeating frequency is increased.
  • There is silence throughout training.
  • The inflatable gymnastics mats will hold their pressure after inflation for many days.


  • Inadequate client service

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The thickness of the best gymnastics mats is crucial to their performance. Your carpet, if too thin, won’t be able to provide the essential cushioning to effectively absorb and attenuate the shock.

Best gymnastics mats must be carefully selected to prevent mishaps and injuries. Considerations include material, size, slip resistance, durability, and much more. This post compiles the top tumbling mats and a bit of thorough advice to assist you in making the safest decision.


Q1: What kind of mat is ideal for gymnastics?

Ans: The best gymnastics mats are inflatable rather than foam. For several reasons, inflatable mats are advantageous. They provide a more supporting landing surface than foam since they are gentler on the body.

Q2: Why do gymnasts use thick mats?

Ans: To extend the time it takes them to stop abruptly after making contact with the floor, gymnasts utilize exceptionally thick floor mats. The force exerted on the gymnast diminishes as the thickness and impact time increase. Therefore, the best gymnastics mats lengthen the impact period and decrease the applied pressure.

Q3: Gym mats should be how thick?

Ans: The best thickness for gymnastics and tumbling mats are between 1-3/8″ and 2-1/2″. This size rug is ideal for multifunctional usage. Crash mats or landing mats are often particularly thick to ensure that you fall safely.

Q4: What distinguishes a yoga mat from a mat used for gymnastics?

Ans: The surface structure of a yoga mat is superior to that of a fitness mat. You often require an extra mat grip to maintain certain poses when practicing yoga. As a result, the carpet is built more roughly. Best gymnastics mats are easier to clean since it is smoother because you often sweat more while exercising.

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